Armenia Has Potential for Photovoltaic Stations with 1 GW Capacity In Upcoming Years

  • Business - 13 November 2017, 23:55
In the next 5-6 years the capacity of photovoltaic power stations in Armenia will amount to 1 GW, Haik Chobanyan, the CEO of Arpi Solar, told reporters during the opening of Talin 1 Photovoltaic Station. He said the installation of photovoltaic stations takes a very short time. For example, Talin 1 took 20 days.

Talin 1 is a 1 MW photovoltaic station worth 1 million dollars.

“I am sure that soon the next series of 1 MW photovoltaic stations will be announced, the price will also be announced. Today 1 KW of power is sold for 42 drams, with VAT it is 51 drams,” Haik Chobanyan said, adding that a 1 MW station can supply 400 families on average.

Chobanyan believes that Armenia has potential for stations with a capacity of hundreds of GW.