Out of EAEU

  • Business - 02 November 2017, 15:15
In 2018 one of the priorities of the government will be the search for markets outside the Eurasian Economic Union, said the deputy minister of economic development and investments Tigran Khachatryan during the discussion of the state budget in parliament.

He noted that their efforts will be aimed at ensuring continuous growth in exports. The problems related to exports in Armenia remain the centralized market by products and by markets.

“In particular, we have significant volumes of exports concentrated into 7-8 groups of products, if we do not count these groups which include the resource branches, diversification of the markets also need essential improvement. Our main trade partners are the EAEU member states, namely Russia. In 2018 we will need to work towards placing the products produced in Armenia on new markets, mainly the Iranian market,” he said.

According to the deputy minister, the state budget 2018 envisages a 4.5% growth of the GDP. The real growth of production should be at least 6%.

“We forecast exports of goods at at least 11%, and at least an 8% growth in services,” the deputy minister said.