8 Trucks Loaded with Brandy Recalled from Russian Market

  • Business - 26 October 2017, 22:55
Eight trucks loaded with brandy were sent back to Armenia from Russia, the head of the Union of Armenian Winemakers Avag Harutiunyan told reporters on October 24, adding that Russia is creating problems for brandy producers of Armenia, News.am informed.

According to him, part of the brandy exported from Armenia is false. “Russia has suddenly changed the rules of the game. They used to imitate fight on counterfeiting but now they are not imitating, they have made the rules more rigid. They have introduced new indicators which are not measures in Armenia. We do not have such tools. Counterfeiters cannot know beforehand that they counterfeit. Part of brandy exported from Armenia is counterfeited, everyone accepts this. In the past, we could control the level of counterfeiting, here by producers, there by controllers. There was equipment that allowed to check and assess the scope of counterfeiting. They have introduced new indicators. We don’t have equipment to measure oxygen 17 isotopes. Producers of genuine brandy do not know the concentration of O17 isotopes. There are cases when [brandy] was recalled from the Russian market,” Avag Harutiunyan said.