Italians Intend to Found Frozen Pizza Factory in Kapan

  • Business - 06 October 2017, 16:39
Italian entrepreneurs will set up a pizza factory in Kapan, Armenia, which will have 30 to 100 employees, the governor of Syunik region Vahe Hakobyan told Armenpress.

This is the idea of the Italian entrepreneur Nicola di Mourinho who was first considering Yerevan for the location of the factory but Kapan was chosen in the result of discussions. According to Vahe Hakobyan, all the staff and specialists will be from Armenia, the majority from Syunik region.

“The Italians have already leased the area, we are doing the final works. The equipment has been brought from Italy,” the governor said. He noted that the bulk of the production will be exported to Russia.

“They will start with 200,000 and will increase to half a million per month, 12 kinds of pizza will be prepared,” Vahe Hakobyan said, informing that total investment was 300,000 USD. Syunik Development and Investment Foundation has also provided assistance.

If the project succeeds, the business will be expanded.