Armenian Technology Can Detect Direction of Signals

    • Business - 30 September 2017, 09:06
At the 13th DigiTec 2017 Expo’s Engineering City National Instrument has introduced a signal detector. The company’s engineer Suren Eiramjyan says it can be successfully used in the Armenian army.

“The military use can be as follows: when there is a need to detect the direction of the signal coming from the side of the enemy. For example, it is possible to detect the enemy’s communication systems. I wouldn’t like to reveal more,” Suren Eiramjyan told reporters.

The company’s specialists are already cooperating with the Ministry of Defense and say the Ministry is showing interest. The company is preparing to start production of signal detectors, and the first samples will be ready in 2018. Suren Eiramjyan said this system is better than other similar systems because it exceeds them in some specifications.

“This is an ultra-high frequency signal detection system which detects signals in the air and determines their direction. It can be used in both civilian and military contexts,” he said.