Popularity of Kalavan Has Grown So High They Had to Stop Receiving Tourists for a While

    • Business - 27 August 2017, 16:42
The head of Time Land Foundation Robert Ghukasyan who has initiated a project in the village of Kalavan in Gegharkunik region of Armenia has presented to Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan the scarce possibilities which, however, will enable development of tourism in Armenia.

“Every community in Armenia has sufficient natural and human resources to develop. Our weakness is our approaches and perceptions. If we share a dream, even the most poor community can develop and challenge everyone. We don’t have shops, we don’t have roads, we ask people what they eat, they say [food] from the forest. We have made a list of 102 dishes and created a forest cuisine. Nature and people enable us to develop the community,” Robert Ghukasyan said. He said that by investing only 20 dollars Kalavan had over 1000 tourists in the first year. After listening to them the prime minister encouraged them to go on.

Adventure and ecotourism develops in Kalavan, archeological tourism is starting to develop, in the forests of Kalavan tourists appear in the middle ages, live a life of the stone age people. The road to Kalavan is bumpy, one cannot get there in any car but the initiators of the project explain to tourists that asphalt does not lead to heaven, the road to heaven is bumpy.

The popularity of Kalavan has grown, and Kalavan does not have enough capacity to receive all tourists, therefore the project leaders have temporarily stopped receiving tourists, and are trying to solve the problem of B&Bs.

Kalavan has 10,000 bookings per year. The project was started with only 20%.