Government Keeps "Tempting" Investors with EAEU

  • Business - 10 December 2016, 12:53
The Armenian government has developed the Law on Foreign Investors and submitted it to foreign investors expecting to receive comments and proposals from them that will allow improving the protection of investments in the country, the minister of economic development and investments Suren Karayan said.

According to him, a concept note will be developed which will be submitted to the parliament after extended public discussions.

“We need to disclose to the world how attractive Armenia for investments. For this purpose, forums will be organized, the diplomatic corpus has a big role which must tell why it is necessary to make investments in Armenia,” Karayan said.

He noted that the government is taking active steps towards tax, customs reforms, they will offer one-stop-shop services, the businessmen will feel the positive impact.

The minister provided some details on steps towards supporting investors. According to him, a one-stop shop has been created within Development Fund for Armenia which intends to support on issues relating to opportunities provided by the EAEU and offer the investors a market of 170 million people. There is also information on opportunities in Iran.