Prime Minister Confessed One of Sides Isn't Interested in Development of Upper Lars

  • Business - 04 December 2016, 01:27
During the discussion at the event to mark AGBU’s 110th anniversary, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan was asked when the issue of Upper Lars road which has been closed for two days will be resolved, reported.

“Is it impossible to find a solution with our neighbors?” the representative of a winery asked.

“We always have an opportunity, we are currently negotiating but it is a complicated issue,” the prime minister said.

According to him, the BCP interests Armenia but it needs investments to increase its capacity.

“However, since it is the Russian-Georgian border, we have no opportunity. One of the sides agrees to invest, the other is not interested much, negotiations are in process,” he said.

A question concerning tourism was asked. “You said Armenia could develop tourism. What plans do you have when the city is being destroyed, when we have nothing else to show, Gyumri is not built, and the tourism budget has been cut.”

Karen Karapetyan said they are drafting a program that will be presented soon. “Generally, speaking about tourism, I am sure that Armenia has been underestimated, we will make a program, we have created a new committee. I think it’s an active person full of energy. When it’s ready, we will present it,” he said.

And in answer to the question why 400 million drams is allocated for the development of cinema when cinema is not developing in Armenia, the prime minister said he has no idea about cinema.

“I haven’t come to that yet,” he said.