Modern Mining in Armenia. Business Conference

  • Business - 17 November 2016, 08:51
Paul Edgar, Chief Executive Officer HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc

Today we have invited companies working in the mining sector to speak about the trends and approaches of the industry aimed at developing sustainable mining in Armenia. Sessions will cover an overview of the sector, experience sharing around new technologies, as well as HSBC's Commodity and Structured Trade Finance proposition supporting customers along their physical supply chains from Andrew Robinson, Head of Commodity and Structured Trade Finance UK and France.

The mining and metals sector is fundamental to many of today’s society’s basic needs. Its activities range from the exploration and mining of minerals to the complex industrial processes required to produce refined metals such as copper, gold or metals, which Armenia produces, largely for export.

However, if not managed responsibly, these activities can have unacceptable adverse impact on people and the environment.

HSBC is a longstanding supporter of the mining and metals sector globally. We ensure that our customers operate in accordance with international good practice, and minimum standards.

If unchecked, environmental damage and climate change threatens the customers, the communities and the environment on which HSBC’s business has been built over 150 years. If HSBC is to successfully help people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions, it has an important role to play in addressing these challenges.