Armenian Company Produces Device Tracking Movement of Armored Vehicles

  • Business - 13 October 2016, 20:53
Aragats, an Armenia-based Company, has designed and made a thermal camera for the Fagot system which will allow observing the enemy’s armored vehicle at a distance of 3500 m and destroy it. During the ArmHitec-2016 the director of Aragats LLC Hovhannes Manukyan told Armenpress the device locates the enemy’s movement within 5500 m and shows that the enemy is moving armored vehicles at a distance of 3500 m.

“At 1800-2000 m the device identifies the enemy’s armored vehicles. We designed the device, we made it. We only imported some parts. The whole device was created here,” Manukyan said.

He added that the device was tried out last October and in April of this year. “We already have orders from the ministry of defense. We are working with the army and we will continue to work because the army is the most punctual payer,” Hovhannes Manukyan said.

The director of Aragats said such devices are produced in different countries of the world. The quality of the Armenian product is not inferior but the price is four times cheaper.

The company has produced a 24-hour surveillance device which enables tracking the enemy’s movement at a distance of 3500-4000 m and understand whether the enemy is armed for not. “In fog we can observe the movement of the enemy’s armored cars, and we can see people’s movement at a bigger distance. Our army is not equipped with these devices yet. Tryout is underway, and as soon as they are complete, I think, our armed forces will get these devices,” Manukyan said.