Debt to Gazprom Will Be Repaid with Gas Distribution Network

  • Business - 06 October 2016, 20:56
During the question and answer session between the National Assembly and the government on October 5 Member of Parliament Khachatur Kokobelyan raised the issue of the debt of Yerevan Thermal Power Plant. He noted that recently it has become known that Yerevan TPP owes over 52 million dollars to Gazprom. Later it became known that part of it has been repaid.

The member of parliament asked the government how much the debt of the TPP is, how it has been accrued and how the government is going to repay the debt. He noted that the press reported that the transfer of TPP to Gazprom to repay the debt is being considered and asked to confirm or dismiss these reports.

“At the moment the debt is 35 million dollars. It was accrued in the result of failure to pay for natural gas,” the minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources Ashot Manukyan said. As to the possibility of selling the TPP, the minister said the government has not discussed and will not discuss the question of transferring the TPP in return for debt.

“The negotiations with Gazprom over repaying the debt with property continue. What debt is meant? You remember very well since the mid-1990s when the gas supply to households was restored, we had a problem with the pipelines which were worn. At that time community gas distribution networks, pipelines were build, and those remained when in the mid-2000s we announced that we are ahead of the USSR rate of gasification. At that time the gas distribution networks created under grant projects were transferred to the Ministry of Energy then to Yerevan TPP. These distribution networks and pipelines are concerned,” the minister said.