Tourists from EU 23%, Russia 22% USA 10%

  • Business - 29 September 2016, 18:45
In the first half of this year 501,118 tourists arrived in Armenia. 26.3% came from CIS, 23.4% from the EU, 50.3% from other countries. Armenpress has learned from the National Statistics Service that 22.3% of tourists were from Russia, 17.8% from Iran and 10.1% from the United States. In January-June 2015 the number of tourists visiting Armenia increased by 2.4%. 31.6% arrived for business, 47% for holiday, 0.4% for medical treatment, 0.9% arrived for other purposes.

In January-June 2016, 470,693 people left Armenia, which is up by 1.2% compared with the same period in 2015. It is clear from the presented figures that in the first half of 2016 466,444 people left Armenia on their own, and only 4,249 left through travel agencies. The latter number is up by 83.9% compared with the previous year. 6.7% of outbound travelers left for business, 86.6% left for holiday, 6.7% for other reasons.