Startup Summit launched in Sevan will be held in Goa

  • Country - 28 December 2017, 16:16
Sevan Startup Summit, the annual event organized by Startup Armenia Foundation, founded by Artur Janibekyan and Hakob Hakobyan is no more Armenian phenomena. Under the name of Seaside Startup Summit, the event will be organized in UAE, India, Spain, Singapore and many other countries. First Armenian venture company Granatus Ventures and Startup Armenia Foundation have launched the Seaside Startup Holdings which aims to make Seaside Startup Summit international. This cooperation will be fundamental for the expansion and improvement of the event.

After the first Sevan Startup Summit in 2016 it becomes clear that startup eco-system needs a platform for non-formal interaction of the stakeholders. Now we’ve reached the point, where investors from different countries suggest us to held the event in their countries, - said Tiran Hakobyan, the co-founder of Startup Armenia Foundation.

The globalization of Sevan Startup Summit will give an opportunity to Armenian startups to interact with international investors and startup communities. We are planning to give an opportunity to the best participants of the seaside summits to take part in Sevan Startup Summit, which will become the main event of the year. Armenia is now home to a thriving tech and impact start-up scene that capitalises on local talents specialised in complex engineering solutions. We have an aim to make Armenia one of the main locations for the development of the international startup ecosystem. By that, we want to attract foreign investments to Armenia, - said Manuk Hergnyan, the managing partner at Granatus Ventures.

The first steps of the internalization of the project are already visible.

The organizers have announced that from February 8th to 12th, 2018, the event will be organized in UAE, where the most promising startups of the MENA region will be presented. Today was announced that the event will be held in India, Goa, in the first part of March. Among the participants will be the main stakeholders of Indian and eastern startup eco-systems.