1. Officer's Bravery: What Happened at the Border Last Night?
    The chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia Movses Hakobyan has shared details of the case of death of the serviceman in the northeast of the Defense Army of Artsakh.
    17:53 08/01/2018
  2. Serviceman Killed in Artsakh
    On January 7, at around 13:20, the Defense Army serviceman Vache Nver Chilingaryan, 1998, was killed by gunfire from the side of the enemy.
    13:08 08/01/2018
  3. The Message օf Karekin II
 on the Feast of The Holy Nativity and the ophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
    On this marvellous day of the Feast of Nativity and Theophany, following the light of the star of Bethlehem, the gazes of our souls are directed towards the manger
    13:45 06/01/2018
  4. The Response of the Presidency of Forum of Armenian Unions of Europe to Erdogan
    FAAE will apply to Interpol with a request to declare internationally wanted the Turkish terrorist organizations and individuals acting in Europe and especially in Germany.
    13:23 06/01/2018
  5. 14,000 Ceasefire Breaches in 2017: Summary of Operative Situation
    The first half of 2017 the situation at the line of contact between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani armed forces was tense, the enemy used bigger calibers and reconnaissance.
    16:27 31/12/2017
  6. Armenia's Public Debt Exceeded 6 Billion USD
    The public debt of Armenia was 6,404,737,000 USD as of the end of November against 5,942,095,000 USD as of the end of the last year, the National Statistics Service informed.
    18:13 29/12/2017
  7. Startup Summit launched in Sevan will be held in Goa
    Sevan Startup Summit, the annual event organized by Startup Armenia Foundation, founded by Artur Janibekyan and Hakob Hakobyan is no more Armenian phenomena.
    16:16 28/12/2017
  8. Investors Club's Discussing Construction of Accumulation Stations with TESLA
    The Investors Club of Armenia is discussing construction of accumulation stations with TESLA, the minister of energy told the founder of Babken Tunyan.
    01:04 28/12/2017
  9. Azerbaijani Ex-minister of Defense Was Arrested
    On December 25 the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested the former minister of defense of Azerbaijan Rahim Ghaziyev, Ghaziyev’s relatives told the Voice of America.
    22:34 26/12/2017
  10. How Much Income One Needs to Live Well in Armenia?
    In Armenia the level of poverty is 70-80% due to unemployment and low income, said Member of Parliament Vardan Bostanjyan in an interview with
    01:37 22/12/2017