1. Three Servicemen Killed in Landmine Explosion
    On November 21, at 6:35 pm three servicemen were killed in the result of a landmine explosion.
    11:28 22/11/2017
  2. What Happened in Yerevan Underground
    At 8:09 am on November 19, the police received reports on a young man in the underground armed with a knife and rifle.
    23:27 19/11/2017
  3. Attack Reports from Three Metro Stations in Yerevan
    The traffic of the underground in Yerevan has been temporarily stopped at Republic Square Station for ever an hour.
    15:34 19/11/2017
  4. 60 Bomb Threats during Putin's Trip to Saint Petersburg
    60 bomb threats were reported during the trip of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Saint Petersburg, Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov announced, RIA Novosti informed.
    16:51 18/11/2017
  5. New Earthquake in Azerbaijan was Felt In Artsakh
    On November 17, at 17:27 Armenian time, the Seismic Protection Service of Armenia recorded a 4.5 magnitude earthquake 20 km northwest of Aghjaberd town, Azerbaijan.
    21:22 17/11/2017
  6. Building Collapsed in Tigranakert in Earthquake
    A building collapsed in Tigranakert, Artsakh from the earthquake near the Azerbaijani town of Mingechaur on November 15.
    20:02 16/11/2017
  7. Earthquake Damaged Homes in Azerbaijan
    On November 15, the Armenian Seismic Protection Service has reported 5.3 magnitude earthquake 68 km south of Mingechaur, Azerbaijan. the magnitude at the epicenter for 7.
    13:27 16/11/2017
  8. Death Toll in Iran Exceeds 400
    Around 12,000 houses were ruined by the strong earthquake in the West of Iran, killing at least 400 people, the head of Iranian Red Crescent Morteza Salimi informed, Armenpress informed.
    23:01 14/11/2017
  9. Armenian Government Expressed Readiness to Send Rescuers to Iran
    The Ministry of Emergency Situations has contacted the Iranian authorities through the Iranian embassy in Armenia and the Armenian embassy in Iran and expressed readiness to provide assistance.
    23:43 13/11/2017
  10. Deaths in Irani Earthquake Amount to 211
    At least 211 people died in the earthquake at the Iran-Iraqi border, the Iranian Press TV informed.
    18:59 13/11/2017