1. Avalanche on Mount Ara Killed Mountain Climber
    Today, on January 28, at 4:15 pm reports came that a person was missing and another had a broken leg due to avalanche on Mount Ara.
    22:20 28/01/2018
  2. The Only Security Guarantee Is Sovereignty
    Over the past few weeks a sheer part of our public has been discussing if there is a need to have Russian border guards in Armenia.
    13:36 27/01/2018
  3. Azerbaijan's Attempted Reconnaissance-in-Force Pre-empted
    On January 25, at 2 am the front units of the Defense Army detected an attempt of penetration by the enemy’s reconnaissance and sabotage group.
    11:53 25/01/2018
  4. Azerbaijan Used Home-made Ammunition against Artsakh
    The Defense Army has found out that the Azerbaijani armed forces used another drone but this time a hand grenade molded in a common glass was used instead of a projectile.
    22:10 22/01/2018
  5. Azerbaijani Forces Used Drone to Fire Mortar Projectile at Armenian Positions
    On January 20, at 14:50, the Azerbaijani side used a drone-carried mortar projectile in the direction of the Armenian positions in the north of the line of contact between the armed forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan.
    21:08 22/01/2018
  6. Armenian Serviceman Injured by Azerbaijani Fire
    On January 17, at 4 pm Noyemberyan Medical Center reported to the police that a serviceman with firearm injury was taken to hospital, informed.
    12:16 18/01/2018
  7. GDP in Artsakh Grew by 15% in Artsakh
    In 2017 the GDP in Artsakh was 267 billion drams, the minister of finance of Artsakh Grigory Martirosyan said, noting that the estimated growth of the GDP in 2017 is 15%.
    21:13 15/01/2018
  8. Armenian Producers are Terrified by New Russian Standards
    The quality standards set by Russia half a year ago created serious problems for Armenian producers, the head of the Armenian Association of Winemakers Avag Harutiunyan expressed concerns in an interview with
    22:08 14/01/2018
  9. About gold mine project in Amulsar presented by Lydian International
    It is no news that on December 24, 2017, international independent experts declined the invitation of Armenia’s Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan
    12:03 12/01/2018
  10. The “Days of Artsakh in France” Underway in Les Pennes-Mirabeau City
    In the framework of the "Days of Artsakh in France" Festival, events are underway in ten French cities, which have established friendly relations with the towns of Artsakh.
    18:03 10/01/2018