1. Closure of the exhibition is anti-democratic and anti-constitutional
    On September 9 we witnessed another example of democratic principles falling in Armenia. This time an exhibition was closed by labeling "politicized".
    15:30 13/09/2017
  2. Azerbaijani Side Fired Over 2500 Times at Armenian Positions
    Between September 3 and 9 the relative peace at the line of contact between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani armed forces continued.
    21:58 12/09/2017
  3. Rescuers Found Missing Alpinists
    Rescuers have found the mountain climbers missing on Mount Aragats. The Ministry of Emergency Situation informed that two of the missing are citizens of Georgia.
    14:53 11/09/2017
  4. U.S. Forest Service Team in Armenia for Post-Fire Recovery Support
    The team, forest geneticist Dr. Andrew Bower and hydrologist Dana Butler, are in Armenia to offer technical expertise on the “Burned Area Emergency Response” process used by the U.S. Forest Service following such disasters.
    13:09 09/09/2017
  5. “FMD KL Europe” increases its investments: the biotechnological park is being established in Armenia
    Our next step is aimed at establishing the basis of clinical research in Armenia
    11:24 08/09/2017
  6. Wildfire in Jajur Village
    A wildfire was reported near the village Jajur on September 7. The fire has already affected an area of 5-6 hectares.
    20:01 07/09/2017
  7. President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan's Inaugurated
    The inauguration ceremony of the president of Artsakh Republic took place during the special meeting of the National Assembly of Artsakh on September 7.
    13:15 07/09/2017
  8. Forest Fires Continue
    As dry weather continues, wildfires continue in Armenia.
    13:10 07/09/2017
  9. Eurasian Union Customs Code Submitted to Putin for Ratification
    The Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has submitted the agreement on the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union for ratification, Interfax informed.
    15:14 06/09/2017
  10. Forest Fire in Byurakan Continues
    The efforts to extinguish the fire in the area surrounding Byurakan village did not stop all night, the Ministry of Emergency Situations informed.
    15:09 06/09/2017