1. Serviceman Killed by Shot from Azerbaijani Side
    On February 22, at 9:40 the serviceman of the Defense Army Grigor Karapet Yeghoyan was deadly wounded by fire from the Azerbaijani side in one of the military units of the Defense Army.
    23:16 22/02/2018
  2. Road Tax on Cars Traveling to Armenia to Be Eliminated
    Passenger cars registered in other countries will be exempt from the road tax on entry to Armenia.
    22:33 21/02/2018
  3. 11 Dollar Millionaires in Armenian Parliament
    As of 18 May 2018, i.e. inauguration, all members of parliament declared 7,431,000,000 AMD, 35,900,000 USD, 10,500,000 RUR, 7500 Swiss frank, expert Babken Tunyan told reporters.
    23:27 15/02/2018
  4. Mayor Margaryan's Resignation
    Yerkir Tsirani Party and its chair Zaruhee Postanjyan is the only party in Armenia which keeps its electoral pledges. The party had promised to turn the life of the Council of Elders and mayor of Yerevan to hell and chaos and it did.
    22:38 13/02/2018
  5. Azerbaijani Side Killed Armenian Serviceman in Artsakh
    On February 7, at 13:50 the Azerbaijani side fired and deadly wounded the serviceman of the Defense Army Haik Razmik Kalantaryan born in 1998.
    14:08 08/02/2018
  6. Polish IT companies' orders to be transferred to Gyumri developers: DFA representative Lukasz Walerjan
    Official representative of DFA in Poland and the president of Blue Idea company Mr. Lukasz Walerjan during his visit in Gyumri announced about the launch of a new business
    11:55 08/02/2018
  7. Over 6000 Foreigners Got Resident Permits in Armenia
    In 2017 6,042 foreigners got residence permits in Armenia, Armenpress informed, referring to the National Statistics Service.
    18:52 05/02/2018
  8. Armenia’s democracy ranked in the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report
    On January 31, 2018 an influential British research and consulting firm Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released its annual report on democracy.
    20:41 01/02/2018
  9. Donor of IDeA Foundation Wants to Donate Funds for Reconstruction of Mosque in Shushi
    IDeA Foundation has announced on its Facebook page that Kairat Boranbaev has expressed wish to donate money for reconstruction of Upper Mosque in Shushi, Karabakh.
    16:54 31/01/2018
  10. Plans for New Sanitary Landfill Promise Short-Term Solution to Armenia’s Waste Problems
    To solve the problem of waste dumps in Armenia, in recent years the government has been making steps towards creating landfills that will meet international standards.
    14:35 31/01/2018