Protesters Removed Posters Revealing Destroyed Park: Mayor on His Resignation

  • Country - 16 May 2018, 22:25
The participants of Reject Taron and His Beautification protest action went into the building of the municipality of Yerevan. The police and the deputy mayor Davit Ohanyan tried to prevent them from getting inside the City Hall but were unable to.

The demonstrators tried to access Taron Margaryan’s office, shouting “Taron leave”.

The protest was provoked by a drone picture of the park under beautification. The park was fenced and the drone pictures showed that all the trees of the park had been cut. Today the protesters ripped the posters and revealed the cut trees.

Earlier the municipality issued a press release explaining that four times more trees will be planted instead of the cut trees.

Mayor Taron Margaryan reaffirmed the intention to build several times more trees in the park according to the project of beautification of the park and reassured that there will be no cafes and restaurants in the park after the beautification.

He explained that the park had been leaded for many years and has recently been returned to the city after which the Vardanyan family undertook the beautification of the park.

He also commented on the protest in front of the municipality on May 16 when the protesters intruded in the building.

He called on the law enforcement agencies to address this issue. “As a local government, we are independent and implement our programs, we cannot tolerate such unlawfulness,” Taron Margaryan said.

Commenting on the demand for his resignation, Taron Margaryan said it is not common practice in the world when a political force comes to power and tries to put pressure on local self-government bodies.