"We Reject Taron": Protest Demanding Resignation of Mayor of Yerevan

  • Country - 10 May 2018, 23:49
The members of We Reject Taron initiative went on protest today in front of the municipality of Yerevan, demanding the resignation of Mayor Taron Margaryan. The members of the initiative list the reasons which, according to them, must lead to Taron Margaryan’s resignation.

They claim that Taron Margaryan misused the administrative resource, used violence against people together with his team during the elections and protests, misused his powers for developing his own business, distorted the architecture of Yerevan.

“The mayor’s monthly salary is not compatible with the assets he has declared. In Yerevan construction pursuing business and vested interests is underway. Construction permits are provided to enterprises owned by municipality officials and their friends and relatives,” the participations of the protest stated.