Karen Karapetyan Tried to Declare State of Emergency

  • Country - 25 April 2018, 23:48
We demand capitulation of the Republican Party in front of people, Nikol Pashinyan announced during the rally on Republic Square.

Pashinyan said from the point of view of the legislation of Armenia, when Serzh Sargsyan resigned, the cabinet resigned too, and there is no government in Armenia now.

Nikol Pashinyan says Karen Karapetyan declared himself acting prime minister whereas today lawyers analyzed the legislation of Armenia and found that when the prime minister resigns, there cannot be an acting prime minister so Karen Karapetyan is not an acting prime minister but an acting deputy prime minister, and he should not dare to reserve the powers of prime minister for himself. It can be even considered as a crime.

Pashinyan said today Karen Karapetyan had met with the heads of law enforcement agencies and discussed the issue of declaring a state of emergency.