Central Streets Blocked: Demonstrators Moving Up Baghramyan Street

  • Country - 16 April 2018, 09:43
Disobedience actions started early this morning. The demonstrators moved up Baghramyan Avenue and sat down on the street, causing a traffic jam. The demonstrators have also moved up the benches which they used to block France Square. Moskovyan Street is blocked too.

After the demonstrators blocked the entry to Baghramyan Avenue, a lot of police officers started forming a barrier with several layers.

Early morning students gathered near Yeritasardakan station of the underground, blocked the crossroad. They block the way for cars which try to break through the demonstrators, use the trash bins to block the street. Students attempted to go up to Abovyan Lane.

At the moment all the streets around the Opera House are closed, as well as the streets near the Medical University. Arshakunyats Avenue, Azatutyan Avenue, Amiryan Street are blocked. Nikol Pashinyan announced that they must go through the police barrier and get close to the building of the parliament.