At 8:15 am They Block Bridges, Streets, Public Transport: Nikol Pashinyan Published Tomorrow's Steps

  • Country - 15 April 2018, 23:38
In the evening Nikol Pashinyan presented the steps of civil disobedience on France Square. He said in the result of the first stage they enjoy total support thanks to the citizens of Armenia but they have not been able to translate this support to specific political actions and they will start doing so starting from tomorrow.

Pashinyan declared 8:15 am April 16 an hour of massive civic disobedience.

Pashinyan said the first step will be the blocking of the bridges Davtashen, Victory, Kievyan. He called on the citizens to park their cars on the bridges, turn on the emergency lights and walk to the building of the National Assembly, informing people on their way that the rally will take place at the National Assembly.

The next step is to block all the possible streets. “Everyone leaves their home, takes to the street, parks the car in the street and walks to Baghramyan Avenue,” Pashinyan said.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the underground should also be stopped. People, passengers, in fours or fives, lie between the doors, the doors do not close, and the train does not move. The other passengers walk out of the underground and to Baghramyan Avenue.

They draw cash from their bank accounts between 8:15 am and 9 am.

A strike is announced, people do not go to work because the traffic is jammed, and they cannot get to their work.

Young men can lie in front of buses, pull down trolleybus poles to block public transport.

Students declare a strike too. There is no need to let children out of home tomorrow morning not to get them stuck in traffic jams. Nikol Pashinyan said similar actions could be organized in the regions.

Everyone goes to Baghramyan Avenue, Nikol Pashinyan said, adding that even if he is arrested, the protests must continue. I contribute my life to the freedom of people of Armenia, he said.