Infant Died of Pertussis: Increase in Number of Cases of Pertussis Reported

  • Country - 24 February 2018, 22:13
The Ministry of Health informs that on February 22 a 2-month-old died in Nork Clinic of Infectious Diseases died of pertussis. The infant, as well as the other 2 children of the family had not been immunized because the parents of the children refused to vaccinate their children.

The infant’s illness started a month ago but the parent refused to take the infant to hospital. An epidemiological examination revealed that the patient and his twin brother got infected from their 2 year 9 month old sister, the ministry informs.

In the past two months cases of pertussis increased. In the same period of the past year 3 cases were reported against 12 cases this year. 8 children were not vaccinated, 2 were not fully immunized.

The Ministry of Health calls on parents to think twice before refusing immunization.