Road Tax on Cars Traveling to Armenia to Be Eliminated

  • Country - 21 February 2018, 22:33
Passenger cars registered in other countries will be exempt from the road tax on entry to Armenia. The clause was enforced on 1 January 2018 and intends to foster growth of tourist flows to Armenia. Those who wish to travel to Armenia in their cars will not have to pay road tax for every 15 days of their stay, the deputy head of the State Revenue Committee Vakhtang Mirumyan told reporters.

He informed that in the result of this change revenues will be cut by 2.5 billion drams, which is the amount of revenues from road tax collected in case of entry to Armenia in a car registered in another country.

Vakhtang Mirumyan says the amendments to the Tax Code effective from January 1 contains several dozens of provisions which improve taxation for the private sector.