Mayor Margaryan's Resignation

  • Country - 13 February 2018, 22:38
Yerkir Tsirani Party and its chair Zaruhee Postanjyan is the only party in Armenia which keeps its electoral pledges. The party had promised to turn the life of the Council of Elders and mayor of Yerevan to hell and chaos and it did.

There is no single meeting of the Council without scandals. In addition, every single word and action of Yerkir Tsirani members turn to scandals. They speak about stealing, misspending, corruption.

It is interesting whether Yerkir Tsirani will keep its other pledge on nationwide riot.

Today’s scandal was the end. The Council members of Yerkir Tsirani Party brought containers with sewage water to the meeting hall and offered it to Mayor Taron Margaryan. In this way, the members of Yerkir Tsirani Party tried to draw the attention of the council and mayor to the problem of stink in Nubarashen community that has not been addressed for years while billions are spent on obscure purposes.

Force was used against them, women were beated and pushed out of the meeting hall. The Republicans had previously responded toughly to the members of Yerkir Tsirani members, using bad street language.

The behavior of Yerkir Tsirani deserves a special discussion. At the same time, strangely, it is a form of political culture, a way of raising issues creatively. And any such creativity is the enemy of the fossilized nature of the Republican Party which is used to “pick manure”, i.e. corruption, away from others’ eyes.

It is possible to use legal, political, debates and other civilized means against this but this does not and cannot happen in the case of the Republican Party.

Therefore, the answer of the Republicans is expectable. Interestingly, after the incident at the municipality the Council approved a highly suspicious project orth 222 million drams.

Republicans are elected through money and rogues. The leftovers go to the municipality of Yerevan. And while there is more or less decent behavior in parliament (though it is not known what would happen if Yerkir Tsirani had been elected to parliament), it is impossible in the municipality of Yerevan.

This is also true about the so-called intelligentsia who have been included in the Council for a better image but they do not have the courage to condemn violence and bad language and excuse it, falling even lower.

After the incident Taron Margaryan must resign if he has state dignity because today the act that took place today is de facto the dissolution of the municipality. In the footage, advisor to mayor Gor Vardanyan uses force to push Marina Khachatryan, member of Council of Yerevan, out of the meeting hall.