Officer's Bravery: What Happened at the Border Last Night?

  • Country - 08 January 2018, 17:53
The chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia Movses Hakobyan has shared details of the case of death of the serviceman in the northeast of the Defense Army of Artsakh. In a briefing at the Central Assembly Point the chief of general staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia said the serviceman was killed by the Azerbaijani sniper but underlined that the serviceman did not commit any breach of rules.

“The fact is that the serviceman was killed by the enemy. The commander who rushed to help the serviceman was also wounded. The car of the operative group which left for the scene was also caught by the enemy’s fire. One of the servicemen in the car was slightly injured,” Hakobyan said, Armenpress reported.

Movses Hakobyan also informed that two servicemen got light injuries.

“I would like to underline the officer’s bravery who rushed to save his serviceman’s life without second thoughts. And our serviceman did not commit any breach, simply the enemy is always looking for ways of destroying our servicemen,” the chief of general staff of the armed forces of Armenia said.

He informed that the situation at the line of contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani forces was calm, the number of shots was little, no incidents were reported at the front line.

Note that on January 7, at around 13:20, Vache Chilingaryan, 1998, was killed by fire from the Azerbaijani side. An investigation has been launched.