Investors Club's Discussing Construction of Accumulation Stations with TESLA

  • Country - 28 December 2017, 01:04
The Investors Club of Armenia is discussing construction of accumulation stations with TESLA, the minister of energy told the founder of Babken Tunyan.

Speaking of development of solar energy, Minister Manukyan said: “Alongside with growing volumes of power generated by such stations the need to accumulate electricity occurs. Otherwise, we will generate and lose if we cannot use it at the moment. The next program of the Investors Club is related to this, which we are currently discussing with TESLA, in parallel with another product. We are also trying to construct accumulation stations. The pilot one will be the construction of a 15 megawatt accumulation station in Ddmashen. The initial cost is 15-17 million dollars. These four projects are already in the pipeline, in the phase of design and assessment.