24,000 Migrant Workers Didn't Come Back

    • Country - 15 December 2017, 01:00
The annual number of migrant workers who did not come back to Armenia over the past three years was 24,000, the National Statistics Service’s 2017 report states.

In 2013-2016, 11.9% of migrants aged 15 and up who left their homes for 3 and more months and did not come back was in Yerevan and regions, 13% in NKR, 75.1% in other countries, including in Russia.

According to the study, in 2013-2016 the annual average number of migrants aged 15 and up was 24,000. During 12 months preceding the study 54% of migrants sent money and goods to their families or relatives.

Studies showed that 24.9% of households in Armenia were involved in external and internal migration processes in 2013-2016. 10.8% of members of households aged 15 and up were involved in migration processes.

The duration of absence of 80.7% of migrants who returned as of 2016 was up to one year, 19.3% one year and more. 7.4% of returns were internal migrants, the majority of returns at 73.1% was from Russia, 4.6% was from CIS and other countries, 3.9% from European countries.

In 2013-2016 66.7% of external migrants sought employment abroad. 5.2% left for permanent residence.