Decline in Population of Armenia by Years

  • Country - 06 December 2017, 23:50
Since 1990 the population of Armenia has been declining. The National Statistics Service has published its 2017 report on the social pattern and poverty in Armenia which describes the demographic situation as concerning.

According to the report, in 1990 the population of Armenia was 3,514,900, in 1993 3,463,700, in 1996 3,248,800, in 2001 3,213,000. In 2011, the population of Armenia was 3,018,900, in 2015 3,010,600, and in 2016 the population fell 3 million, totaling 2,998,600.

This year the tendency continued. The population decreased to 2,986,100.

Compared with the beginning of 2016, this year the population decreased by 12,400 which is the difference between the natural growth and migration.

47.5% of the population of Armenia is male, and 52.5% is female. The average age of the population as of the beginning of 2017 was 36.2.

According to the National Statistics Service, the unstable economic, social and political situation in Armenia has produced its influence on the reproductive behavior of the population. The birth rate has below 2.150.

According to the report, in 1990 79,900 people were born, in 1996 the number of births declined to 48,100, and in 2016 40,600 people were born.