It Remains Unclear What Traditional Family Is

  • Country - 06 December 2017, 23:15
The National Assembly is discussing the draft law on preventing domestic violence and protecting victims of domestic violence.

The members of parliament are trying to identify what a traditional Armenian family is.

Deputy Speaker Edward Sharmazanov said: “Many people wonder what a traditional Armenian family is. I will say the traditional family is the classic family, the union of a mother and a father where healthy children are born and who are the future of our society.”

The opposition member of parliament Nikol Pashinyan inquired about the definition of the traditional Armenian family. “After all, does the government have the list of our family traditions and values? It follows from what you said that the family with a grandmother and a grandchild or a mother and child is not a family. Give us the list to know what you mean,” Pashinyan said.

The deputy minister of justice Vigen Kocharyan who is the main reporter did not explain clearly what a traditional Armenian family is.

Vigen Kocharyan said the purpose of the bill is to protect family, as well as prevent violence in family, form legal mechanisms to protect the rights of people who undergo violence. He added that this bill will help restore unity in families.

“The bill lays down the main objectives that are reflected in the title of the bill. All the activities will be implemented with a view to ensuring the security of victims of domestic violence, as well as the principles of assisting families, strengthening traditional values in families and restoring unity in families,” the deputy minister said.

There are three measures of ensuring protection of victims of domestic violence in family: warning, immediate action and court warrant for protection.

According to the deputy minister, a warning is issued when the police reveals domestic violence for the first time, and the offense does not have body of crime.

And if the police finds acts of domestic violence and a probability of continuation thereof, a decision on immediate action is made. This measure should be applied only in case of sheer necessity, when it is necessary to make a decision to protect a person’s life, Kocharyan says.

The other measure is a protection warrant that may be issued by the court and with the consent of the victimized person.