Progress in Doing Business Report Should Be Indicator of Assessment of Relevant Agencies

  • Country - 02 November 2017, 23:18
During the meeting of government Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan commented on the World Bank’s Doing Business 2017 report. It shows that during the assessment period we regressed by 9 points. According to the prime minister, although DTF is up by 0.59 point, given the tough competition of countries, it was not enough to rank higher or at least stay at the same level.

“At the same time, we should fix that with progress of our country in only important ratings such as the Global Competitiveness Report where we have risen from 79 to 73, the Index of Economic Freedom where we have risen from 54 to 33, but this means that progress in each assessed indicator must become one of the main assessment of each relevant institution. At the same time, I should note that several recommendations provided earlier are aimed at the sectors where regress was reported, such as the judiciary and law enforcement, permit administration etc. The main part of the draft legal acts developed accordingly has been submitted to the National Assembly,” Karen Karapetyan said, Armenpress informed.

Aside from the assignment on introduction of a system for monitoring of visible results for policy reforms, the prime minister assigned the minister of economic development and investments to submit proposals on organizing, coordinating and monitoring the process of implementation of reforms, as well as a proposal on creating an interagency working group and assigning members and a minister in charge. The head of the Center for Strategic Initiatives Foundation was assigned to create an expert team to provide methodical assistance to every institution in charge.