EU-Armenia Agreement Does not Require Closure of Nuclear Power Plant, Only Suspension of One Unit

  • Country - 28 October 2017, 21:17
The EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enlarged Partnership Agreement stipulates suspension of operation of the first generating unit, not the Nuclear Plant of Armenia. The Executive Secretary of the Atomic Power Security Council Vahram Petrosyan told reporters during the 15th session, Armenpress reported. “This information [closure of the NPP and replacement with new capacity-ed.] that you have is not true because it is about suspending the first unit of the Armenian Nuclear Plant [commissioned in 1976-ed.], not the Nuclear Plant, which means it will no longer be operated, will not be revived. On the contrary, activities are underway to prolong the life of the second unit of the Armenian Nuclear Plant [commissioned in 1980-ed.], the projected term has expired,” Vahram Petrosyan said, adding that there is international experience based on which activities are carried out to prolong the life of the second unit. According to the expert, in the result of the activities they intend to prolong the term of operation of the second generating unit by ten years. Meanwhile, the international experience shows that the period of prolongation of similar generating units in other countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Finland, is 30 years. As to solar power and alternative energy sources, Vahram Petrosyan says Armenia needs them but currently the NPP remains the only source of energy security of Armenia.