Armenia Will Have New NPP If It's Cost Effective

  • Country - 19 October 2017, 16:28
Armenia will have a new NPP if it is cost effective, the minister of justice Davit Harutiunyan told Armenpress.

“We have two approaches in the energy sector. First, we will try to reduce the price of carbohydrates in out country, second, we will try to reduce the price of electricity. We plan the development of the energy sector, proceeding from the country’s main strategic goals. This is not subject to any political influence but is determined by the situation on the market of carbohydrates, prices, consumption and modern technology,” the minister said.

With regards to the political decision on having an NPP, Harutiunyan said there will be a new NPP if it is cost effective.

“The government’s long-term strategy states that it is subject to regular review. A math model is applied, and they assess based on forecasts which way is more effective for consumers. We will review constantly, depending on the development of technologies. Now a new technology is available which enables operating 50 megawatt power generating units, which changes its assessment,” the minister of justice said.

He says that in the result of this it will be possible to go for a smaller NPP. Harutiunyan underlined that they will assess each case to find out the maximum effective model.

“If you have an already built NPP, you generate cheap electricity but as soon as you start calculating investments in a new NPP, you have a totally different picture. It is not even going to be as cheap as the current production of the NPP,” Davit Harutiunyan said.

Does the NPP give independence or not? In answer to this question the minister of justice said because the country does not produce raw materials, there is dependence on raw material producers.

“We also need to take into account that we do not produce raw material, it is always imported, and we are always in a dependence on the producers of raw materials. This is especially important when it comes to enriched uranium. We try to assess all the components.”

According to him, the market of non-enriched uranium is bigger but the market is small in the case of enriched uranium, and producers set the prices.

Davit Harutiunyan said the construction of the NPP cannot foster scientific developments.

“Having an accelerator and developing it will foster growth of science but having an NPP will not foster scientific developments,” the minister of justice concluded.