Armenian Chemists Develop New Substance Used for Thermoregulation of Spacecraft: NASA's Interested:

  • Country - 28 September 2017, 22:25
The Armenian chemists have created a new kind of coating used for thermoregulation of space equipment based on willemite. Volodya Baghramyan of the General and Inorganic Chemistry Institute of the National Academy of Sciences told that NASA has contacted the institute after learning about their research and development of the substance.

Willemite coating is a zinc silicate which is highly demanded because it reflects 95% of sun rays. The Armenian Institute has succeeded in reducing the temperature at which this substance is synthesized to 230-240 degrees, saving energy used for its production.

“There is certain interest because protecting spacecraft from ionizing radiation is always actual. Therefore, we hope that the program will continue in one way or another,” the director of the Institute Nikolay Knyazyan said.