Blast and Fire in Nairit Chemical Plant

    • Country - 28 August 2017, 15:37
A blast took place and fire started at workshop 2/11 of Nairit 1 Chemical Plant. Fire and smoke are seen from several kilometers. In this workshop explosive substances are stored, former employees of the plant informed They think the accident could be the result of looser control. Ethynol is stored in this workshop which is highly hazardous.

“We have learned that the fire started in workshop 2/11. It is explosive and is a secondary workshop. It is one of the workshops the head of which has been sacked. On July 1, another 20 employees were fired, they were the heads of secondary workshops. But these people did a very important job,” a member of the coordination group of Nairit Karine Shahverdyan said.

The former employees of the plant suggest different causes of fire. They say they may have supplied less nitrogen or they did disassembling in the workshop which could cause fire.

The manager of bankruptcy Nairit Plant CJSC Karen Asatryan has put out the property of the plant for sale. It is sold as scrap metal at reduced prices. “If they perform dismantling at workshop 2/11, cutting metal, even a spark could cause such consequences. These people [employees of the workshop] remained in the workshop so far because they were responsible for security. They were specialists,” the former staff of Nairit say.