What Caused Arthur Sargsyan's Death

    • Country - 16 March 2017, 19:08
Arthur Sargsyan died from complications during surgery on intestinal rupture, the deputy director of Armenia Medical Center Arsen Grigoryan told Lragir.am. Arthur Sargsyan was the person who had taken food to the Sasna Ts’rer group during the police station standoff last summer. His state became worse after the surgery and he died of heart failure.

Arsen Grigoryan said Arthur Sargsyan had an intestinal obstruction and he was taken to hospital when it was too late.

“It was too late, the body was disrupted. When the obstruction happens, there is only six hours to go to hospital,” the doctor said.

In answer to the question whether the complications could be caused by Arthur Sargsyan’s long hunger protest, Arsen Grigoryan said it is hard to tell. He said it is impossible to state for sure whether the disease had gone worse due to his hunger protest.

Note that Arthur Sargsyan was released after he went on a hunger protest for 25 days and refused to stop. His state was grave.