Surik Khachatryan May Be Discharged from RPA Board

  • Country - 09 January 2017, 23:32
The ex-governor of Syunik region Surik Khachatryan may be discharged from the Republican Board. Surik Khachatryan is a member of the board of the Republican Party but soon the new board will be nominated.In an interview with the head of the Republican parliamentary group Vahram Baghdasaryan did not rule out that his name may not be on the list of the new board members.

“He is a board member now and the new list will be available at the next meeting of the board,” Baghdasaryan said.

In answer to the checking question whether it is possible that Surik Khachatryan is not in the next board of the Republican Party, he said: “We haven’t discussed it yet, when we discuss, we will share, do not get ahead of things.”

Earlier during the meeting of the territorial organization of the Republican Party the chair of the board of the territorial organization Surik Khachatryan withdrew his candidacy, and the governor of Syunik region Vahe Hakobyan was elected chair of the board of the RPA’s territorial organization of Syunik.

“Surik Khachatryan has not been discharged from the RPA, he has suggested that chairmanship of the territorial organization pass to the governor of Syunik. Surik Khachatryan had resigned from the post of governor after which he volunteered to take that step,” Vahram Baghdasaryan said.

In answer to the question whether the Republican Party is “cleaning up”, Vahram Baghdasaryan said traditionally if the governor is Republican, the territorial administration of the region should be transferred to the governor.

At the same time, he said, Surik Khachatryan remains a Republican and will take an active part in all the upcoming processes.

As to the points of view that governors are the people who ensure votes for the Republicans in elections and the possibility that a reshuffle is happening ahead of the elections, Vahram Baghdasaryan said: “The Republicans earn their votes with their reputation.”