Serviceman Injured Severely

  • Country - 02 December 2016, 03:01
The state of Kajik Grigoryan, an NKR MoD serviceman, is severe, the head of Muratsan Military Hospital told

Interestingly, the injured soldier was taken to Yerevan 2 days ago but neither the NKR MoD, nor the MoD of Armenia informed.

Asaturyan did not answer inquiry on what kind of injury the soldier had.

The spokesperson for the Founding Parliament Syuzan Simonyan reported on her Facebook wall about escalation at the 3rd defensive area and 2 casualties.

Both Artsrun Hovhannisyan and Senor Hasratyan, the spokespersons for the Armenian MoD and the NKR Defense Army, dismissed the information on injured soldiers.

Note that according to the message of the Defense Army, in the night of November 29 the Azerbaijani armed forces used in the eastern direction of the line of contact (Kuropatkino) 60 mm mortars (10 projectiles) and an automatic grenade launcher (6 projectiles).

Most probably, the servicemen were injured on that day.