Parliament Intends to Legalize Voting Instead of Others

  • Country - 29 November 2016, 22:55
The draft Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly states that the head of a parliamentary group may vote for an absent member of parliament where he or she has a power of attorney.

“I do not understand this Article 61, how can the head of a parliamentary group vote for a member of parliament. Why did you go for this novelty? Who has the right to vote for another member of parliament, why did this idea occur at all? My impression is that this is to create guarantees for the majority,” Member of Parliament Hrant Bagratyan expressed his indignation during the discussion of the draft rules of procedure in the extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

The draft rules of procedure allow discharging an MP from the parliamentary group in case he or she does not share the position of that party and parliamentary group. If this is the case, the authorities of the MP will be reduced because he or she will not be eligible for joining another parliamentary group. Hrant Bagratyan is against this provision.

“Nobody has the right to discharge a member of parliament from a parliamentary group, a member of parliament has an opinion, it is necessary to respect that opinion,” he said.

Republican Vahram Mkrtichyan explained that a member of parliament, for example, has a position, underscores the importance of this law but is absent for a plausible reason, such as is on a business trip. They can authorize the head of their parliamentary group to do that. “Who else can they authorize if not the head of their parliamentary group? This is good for the opposition too, there is no bias,” he says.

Hrant Bagratyan said this smells something bad. “I don’t understand you. After all, people elect you, how is it possible to authorize someone else to vote for them? This won’t do, I smell something else here,” Bagratyan says.