Alarming Indicators for the Government

  • Country - 22 November 2016, 21:31
The economic activity index continues to fall month by month and has almost reached zero.

The National Statistics Service has published rapidly collected data according to which the economic activity index in January to October was 0.4% only.

A decline has been reported in agriculture and construction, the levels of consumption and electricity generation. For example, the gross agricultural output has decreased by 7.3% and in October of this year it is down by 29.8% compared with the previous year. In the same period, manufacturing levels increased by 6.5%, foreign trade by 6.1%.

Note that the economic activity index started decreasing in July. While the economic activity index in the first quarter was 8.7%, in the first six months it was 4.4%, in January-July 4, in January-August 3.8%, in January-September 1.6%.