Vahan Badasyan Was Invited for Interrogation

    • Country - 22 November 2016, 20:53
The veteran of the Artsakh war, Knight of Military Cross Vahan Badasyan has been invited to the General Martial Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for an interview. The Military Prosecutor had sent on November 16 the press publications based on his statements to the General Martial Investigative Department to draw up records.

Badasyan had posted on his Facebook wall about the activities of the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, noting that as an ex-head of the Supplies Department of the MoD, misused his authorities and violated the law on procurement and signed a contract between his own company and the Ministry of Defense on wheat purchase at a price that is significantly above the market price, in the result of which several millions of drams have been embezzled from the army. This information was spread across the media.

Vahan Badasyan told that he will insist on his point of view that some generals have made a fortune at the army’s expense.

“Whatever duress they use, I will continue to insist that misuse was and continues in the army but it should not be there, we must stop it. Our army must have modern weapons, we cannot continue to fight with weapons of the 80s, the sense of security and faith of people must be restored to ensure that they don’t leave their homes,” he said.

According to Vahan Badasyan, the problem is not only for Movses Hakobyan, his statements concern those who have made a fortune at the army’s expense.

“All feudal generals must be pushed out of the army because they are not suitable for the military. These outdated generals must leave the army and go away. And there are a lot of professional generals in our nation and army. Our army must grow strong and in order to be powerful, there should be no embezzlement and misappropriation,” he said.

In answer to the question whether he will be able to present facts that the investigative bodies may ask for, Badasyan said in that case he will ask them to give him powers to access the relevant places and the relevant facts, which is absurd.

“If so, why are they spending billions on sustaining security agencies? I know they all know the place of mismanagement, we know their places. There are luxury apartments next to this building most of which belong to generals. Where did they get those amounts? Let them calculate. If it is hard for them to, I will help them,” he added.

Vahan Badasyan also notes that the idea of 1000 drams put forth by the authorities is right but it is wrong and unfair unless stealing in the army is prevented.