Mandatory Insurance System Is Introduced

  • Country - 10 November 2016, 23:34
Not a charity but an insurance system is envisaged to assist the military. Every employed citizen will pay 1000 drams per month, the minister of labor and social affairs Artem Asatryan told journalists after the meeting of government today.

“Every system of insurance certainly supposes premiums. And the most important principle proposed by the draft decree is to invest as much money as possible and increase the amount through its management,” the minister said, adding that thereby a systemic solution is given to the social problems of killed or injured soldiers and their families.

According to him, this burden cannot fall on hired employees with minimum wage and for employees whose salaries are above the minimum wage will have to make a mandatory payment of 1000 drams.

In answer to the question why high-ranking officials will not be paying more, the minister said: “Those are approaches, you are proposing some approach that may be discussed.”