Unexpected Statement

  • Country - 01 November 2016, 22:57
Having returned from Artsakh, the deputy speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov told reporters that repopulation of Talish village is an important issue for the authorities of Artsakh and the Armenians in general. “We have discussed this issue with the people of Talish, President Bako Sahakyan, honorable Vitaly Balasanyan. We had rather long discussions and have arrived at the conclusion that it is necessary to take steps towards reconstruction and repopulation of Talish. We must set up a foundation to restore the school and nursery school in Talish shortly and take serious steps to help our sisters and brothers of Talish to return to their native village,” he said.

This statement is unexpected because after the April war the people of Talish were told that return to their homes is impossible for an indefinite time. Besides, the Armenian side has lost posts in that area, and the enemy has come closer to Talish and has advantage in terms of posts.

The village population was displaced, some part of them stayed in Artsakh, the other part is in Armenia.

The issue is becoming interesting from another point of view. The Armenian side lost posts in the southern side. The presidents met twice after the April war in Vienna and Saint Petersburg. The meeting in Saint Petersburg was “separate” to some extent and did not fit the logic of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmanship. Moreover, it was a joint Russian-Azerbaijani effort to destroy the results of the meeting in Vienna. The representatives of the United States and France openly stated this.

After Saint Petersburg Serzh Sargsyan left for the south of the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border wearing plain clothes. This gave many experts a reason to insist that this part of the border has been “recognized”. Azerbaijan has built immense defense installations in that part, moving on to deep defense, the minister of defense Davit Tonoyan said.

At that time, Serzh Sargsyan did not visit Talish, which again gave reason to state that the issue of this part of the border “remains open”.

And now Sharmazanov states that Talish must be repopulated, and this issue has been discussed with the NRK government, Vitaly Balasanyan. Is the “solution” for this part of the border close and in what sense?

Obviously, one of Azerbaijan’s aims during the April war was to usurp or displace an Armenian town or village, apparently Talish. And at that time in Armenia they were talking about a three-party arranged war”. Especially after the Armenian authorities publicly refused to liberate the lost positions.

Will Talish be repopulated indeed?