Enterprises in Armenia Are in Despair

  • Country - 20 October 2016, 20:38
The business environment in Armenia is in despair and unmotivated, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan stated at the National Assembly during the discussion of the government program.

“I have met with our entrepreneurs, I don’t see a big fire there. Therefore, we the government, say we will set up a temporary investment fund to support and catalyze,” the prime minister said.

In answer to the question that there has not been an inflow of investments in Armenia since joining the EEU, there is no economic activity, the prime minister said that the rate of economic growth of our economic partners forces Armenia to review its approaches.

“What do I mean? Had there not been such situation in Russia, we would have had growth, we would have had a different situation. If our agricultural business could get loans in Russian roubles, not drams or dollars, for example, I mean in the currency of the market, there would be another option,” the prime minister said.

He noted that the government’s task is to discuss these problems and review them.