Second Phase of Austerity Plan in Government: Layoff Expected

  • Country - 18 October 2016, 11:50
According to the Hraparak Daily, on these days the members of the executive are submitting lists for optimization. Earlier hovik Abrahamyan had announced the start of optimization but he apparently feared that its implementation would cause a social uprising.

“Karen Karapetyan is determined. First, he announced that he is not satisfied with reduction of old broken cars, reduction of old broken cars does not change anything, it is necessary to cut real and many office cars. Now the heads of agencies are in trouble, they don’t know whose car to take away,” the newspaper writes.

The second direction will be the layoff in the government departments and regional divisions.

The prime minister said every manager should figure out the way their divisions can do the same work with fewer employees. The increase in workload will not be reflected in the salary. And while in the capital city people whose salary is at 150,000 are facing loss of jobs, in the regions those who receive 60,000 drams are facing layoff.