21 Armenians Will Arrive from Aleppo

  • Country - 13 October 2016, 21:11
The next group of Armenians arrives in Armenia on October 17 from Aleppo, said the deputy minister of Diaspora Serge Srapionyan during the press conference in Armenpress. According to him, a group of 21 Armenians will arrive from Syria.

Our employees will be at the airport to meet them, accommodate them in temporary accommodation and solve their problems gradually, the deputy minister said. He reminded that four days ago a group of four Armenians arrived from Aleppo.

According to the information of the Armenian community organizations of Aleppo, 8-10 thousand Armenians live in Aleppo. Serge Srapionyan informed that Hranush Hakobyan is in contact with the community. Last time she contacted Member of Syrian Parliament Zhirair Reyisian late in the evening of October 12.

“Zhirair Reyisian said at the moment there is peace in the Armenian districts, there are no explosions, firing, he is having coffee with his friends,” Serge Srapionyan said.

He thinks it is misinformation that 600 Armenian Syrians want to leave Aleppo but have no money for that.

“After this statement we request Aleppo Union to provide specific names but we have not received a list for seven days. If there are such people, why are they hiding them? There is not a fact that there is a list of 600 Armenian Syrians,” Srapionyan said. He noted that the community organizations, the consulate coordinate their actions. The Armenians who want to move and cannot afford to do that apply to the community organizations, and their transportation is organized. According to him, the transportation is financed by the government or charity organizations.

“There’s a fuss that all the Aleppo-based Armenians want to leave and they have no way to do that. This is very far from truth. First, there is not a massive flow. Second, everyone who applies for coming to Armenia from Syria gets assistance. Those who can afford to pay do not turn to us, those who can’t, apply and get assistance, we can provide both tickets and money to transport them,” Serge Srapionyan said.