Four Armenian Families of Syria Moved to Armenia Last Week

  • Country - 11 October 2016, 22:17
The situation in Syria, namely Aleppo, is calm, there is no panic, the minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan told Armenpress, answering the question on rumors that the Armenians of Syria have asked the Armenian government to help them move to Armenia. The minister says there are people who wish to come but they are not many.

“Nobody can leave Syria without the approval of our consulate, therefore we work with the consulate every day. Over the past week four families of Armenian Syrians have arrived in Armenia. The staff members of our ministry greet the airplanes arriving from the east and we try to find out through our organizations in Syria whether there are people who wish to move to Armenia,” the minister said.

Hranush Hakobyan also said that the situation in Syria is unpredictable, and it is the task of the ministry to help every Armenian Syrian, whether in Armenia or in Syria.

The head of Coordination Center for Issues of Armenian Syrians NGO Lena Halajyan told Armenpress that they have received no letters stating willing to move to Armenia. And the information that is being circulated come from unreliable sources.

According to press reports, 600 Armenians have turned to Aleppo Charitable Union to move to Armenia, the founder of this organization Ani Balkhyan told the Arevelk newspaper.