New Mayor of Vanadzor Whispered in Heghine Bisharyan's Ear

  • Country - 10 October 2016, 23:23
After the voting the Republican candidate Mamikon Aslanyan who became the mayor of Vanadzor hugged Heghineh Bisharyan, the leader of the parliamentary group of the Armenian Rebirth Party. Bisharyan was in Vanadzor since early morning and was trying to have all the five members of the council of the elderly show their ballots or photos of their voted ballots.

The Armenian Rebirth party, as well as PAP had announced to support Bright Armenia Party candidate, signed a memorandum but eventually the BAP candidate got 14 votes while these three parties had 18 votes. It means that some members of the council of the elderly did not follow the joint decision or someone had “bought” their votes.

As a result, Mamikon Aslanyan who became mayor today hugged Heghine Bisharyan and whispered something in her ear? Was he trying to comfort her or did he thank her? Or yet did he tell her the names of those who voted for him?