NKR MoD: Targeting Armenian Servicemen Will Not Be Left Unpunished

  • Country - 06 October 2016, 23:58
The NKR Ministry of Defense has dismissed the information released by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense that a soldier was killed by a shot fired by the Armenian side.

“The front units of the Defense Army have never been in the role of the aggressor and they observe the ceasefire with all responsibility,” the NKR Ministry of Defense informs.

The MoD states that the cases of ceasefire breaches have intensified recently and the enemy uses not only small-caliber firearms but also machine guns and sniper rifles, including 50 targeted shots using Black Arrow and Isiglal big-caliber sniper rifles.

The NKR MoD advises to remember about the commitment to the international community to observe the ceasefire and warns that targeting of Armenian servicemen will not be left unanswered.