MoD Vigen Sargsyan Defined Army's New Role

  • Country - 05 October 2016, 21:50
The new minister of defense Vigen Sargsyan stated during today’s question and answer session of the National Assembly and the government the future programs in this sphere will be based on the vision of the Supreme Commander in Chief and Prime Minister on the armed forces and the army.

“That is, bring about the transition from army building to nation-army building in the 25th year of formation of our national army. Considering the situation in which our country is, the region where we are situated, the political challenges in place, it is obvious that the army will remain part of our reality to a great extent. Hence, it is necessary to understand two important factors, the first is what should be done for the army, as is often said, to turn it to a leader and locomotive for our economy, not a heavy burden,” he said.

According to Vigen Sargsyan, this means that the entire population should have plans related to the army, whether scientific, research, economic, industrial or others. And the army may become the solution, not a problem.

The second factor, according to the minister, is that the army must become a society forge, not the mirror of the society. This is, according to Vigen Sargsyan, going to be the new mission of the new government.